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The Key to Smoothly Working Rollers

The Key to Smoothly Working Rollers
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The Right Type

The Key to Smoothly Working RollersAlthough they are small and stay “hidden” inside the track, the garage door rollers actually play a very important role. They help the panels move straightly during opening and closing. Each roller consists of a stem and a wheel. The stem is held by a special hinge attached to the panel. The wheel is inside the track. Now that you have a clear idea about the design of these components, you can readily focus on the two different types available. The classic rollers have a metal stem and wheel. There are also more innovative parts which come with a nylon wheel. While the all-metal components are very strong and durable, their so called nylon counterparts make the door less noisy during opening and closing and don’t require lubrication.

Regular Maintenance

No matter whether you have all-steel or nylon rollers, they will require special care. It begins with a check for damage. Inspect the stems for twisting. If this kind of problem is present, the affected component should be replaced. Both types of wheels sitting inside the tracks should be checked for damage and wearing. You should also examine the hinge cylinders holding the stems. If they have become oval due to wearing, new hinges should be installed. The stems require lubrication. A small amount of lubricant will do a great job. Steel wheels require proper lubrication also. An easy way to get the all-steel rollers lubricated is to spray the product on the wheels while they are moving. 

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