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How to Maintain Your Garage Door

How to Maintain Your Garage Door
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In order to keep a garage door working properly at all times, it is important that homeowners know how to take care of it. You must also know how to do your own maintenance as well, as it is always good to extend your knowledge and expertise.

Parts of Regular Maintenance

How to Maintain Your Garage DoorPart of caring for your door is to make sure that the outside is also kept clean. The recommended maintenance for this is at least once every year. It is necessary that you are familiar with your door’s parts such as door openers and others so that you have an idea what to check. Make sure that each part is working properly and is still in good condition. This way, you will know if they already need to be replaced or if it needs to be repaired. Check the garage door springs and all the other springs at least every three months to ensure their efficiency.

Another essential part that you need to check is the overhead door springs. See if it is worn out and need to be changed. Aside from the parts, check the bolts and screws if they are still tight enough.

You may also need to check the door balance and of course, do the necessary lubrication of the hinges, bearings and the springs. You can check the condition of your door every so often by opening and closing it and observing how fast it moves. Another way to see if it is in need of maintenance is by how it sounds.

Your doors should not sound squeaky, nor should it sound very strained and heavy. If this is the case, you may need to have your doors checked because one of the moving parts inside may be in need of repair or replacement. It can also be as simple as oiling or lubricating some of the parts.

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