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Do you need extra tips in order to choose the right garage door? You'll find the best ones here

Don’t place your fingers in between door sections

It is very dangerous to place your fingers in between the door sections. When the door closes, it is under heavy tension and may injure your hand. Explain this danger to the members of the family as well. If you have small children, consider having a door panel that won’t pinch thoroughly. You can contact our experts regarding safe door panels.

Garage doors and their benefits

Garage doors are typically made of wood, steel, fiber glass and aluminum. Each material has its own benefits and advantages. Wood is always classy while steel garage doors are designed to deflect hurricane and extreme wind loads. Aluminum garage doors are light weight while fiber glass doors are designed to filter the warm air outside and give a soothing feel inside the garage.

Watch your hands

Keep your fingers and hands away from the sections of the door especially when it is closing. If you have infants or small children, consider purchasing a door that has a section that won’t pinch thoroughly. It's extremely important to keep all those close to you safe.

Items inside your garage should be neatly arranged

If you do not want to have the problem of your door not working, keep the items you store in your garage in their place. When things get in the way of your door sensors, they won’t work the way it should.

Make sure the spring bearing plate is okay

There's a bearing plate at the center of the torsion spring shaft and it keeps this tube stable. The shaft goes through the torsion garage door spring and turns the cable drum in order for the door to move. If not fastened well, it will vibrate. This won't be good for your safety or the door's movement according to our experts.

Lubricate some areas yourself but leave major servicing to professionals

It is a good idea for you to have a go at lubricating the rollers, tracks and hinges yourself. Attempting to lubricate and clean beyond these basic areas is not advised. More complex components like the opener motor, battery and wiring should only ever be tampered with by professional gate technicians.

Choose the right opener for your heavy door

Garage doors that incorporate wood or glass tend to be a lot heavier than those made out of aluminum. This is especially true if you went the classic route and got a one piece wooden door installed. If you have a heavy door, then Garage Door Repair Wyckoff advises that a heavy duty garage door opener be used. Openers come in various horsepower ratings, choose openers with higher hp ratings for heavy doors.

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