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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

High Quality Affordable Garage Door Service

These are the testimonials of our commercial and residential garage door customers. Read here about our experience

Modern remote controls by top brands

I had read many good things about the Genie products and wanted to get a Genie garage door remote. I had also read that Garage Door Repair Wyckoff was an expert in Genie repair and products and called them up to order the clicker. I was amazed to see the technicians arriving soon and, in fact, they brought along many more remotes of this and other brands as well. I was truly impressed by such good service and by their willingness to see whether the model I chose was the best for my home. You don't see such professional teams often!

24/7 emergency garage door repairs

I deal with chaos in my work every day and that's the basic reason why I work long hours. So when my garage door broke down a few months ago I didn't know who to turn to for 24/7 repairs. A colleague suggested Garage Door Repair Wyckoff and decided to give it a try. The truth is that this is actually a 24 hour contractor and these guys managed to come for garage door repairs at the most peculiar time of my convenience. Plus they did a superb work and since I know a few things about technical work, I can vouch for them.

Professional Door and Opener Maintenance

"I searched hard for a garage door maintenance service as I have a unit made of solid cedar with unique decorative features. After interviewing several service providers, I picked this one because the service included everything I needed while fitting my budget. The technician always comes on times and checks the door along with the opener thoroughly. He cleans all components and lubricates all moving garage door parts. If there is a need for repair or adjustment, the job is done right away. Worn parts are replaced timely too. The quality of this service really exceeded my highest expectations. That is why I want to recommend Garage Door Repair Wyckoff to all. It is the best company in the area!"

Professional Track Repair

"I needed urgent bent track repair as the garage door could not move at all. This company was the first one which my online search showed and I contacted them without waiting. I was greatly relieved when they sent a technician straight away. The guy arrived quite quickly and got to work right away. It was clear that he was very professional. He straightened the track and adjusted its sections properly in very little time. He also tightened and lubricated the rollers. Now the door moves smoothly and does not make scraping sounds like before. For getting a fast service of high quality, I suggest hiring Garage Door Repair Wyckoff. I will count only on them from now on."

Garage Door Opener Help

"I hate to admit it but I may not be as young as I used to be. When I was younger I used to be very handy around the house, now that I am a little wiser I just get others to do it for me. When my garage door opener stopped working, I called your company. You had your technicians come and fix it. There were a few parts that were replaced here and there and the whole thing worked like a charm. Not only were you able to provide an efficient repair, you were able to make the door itself look and work better and quieter too."

- Arthur Mason

A great experience!

"We had an urgent situation when my garage door stopped working and my rental car was locked inside. This company was great! They sent out two technicians immediately and got the door open without a problem. Then, the next morning, one of them came back and replaced my old opener that had burned out and was the cause of the problem in the first place. It was a great experience and both of the guys were extremely professional and definitely knew what they were doing. The price was reasonable too, and my door works better than ever. A great experience!"

-Andrea Fitzgerald

Thank you!

"I feel confident recommending your company to anyone who is looking for garage door opener service. When my garage door quit working, I thought the worst, and I really could not afford a new opener. My friend had used your service last year so I called. I was pleasantly surprised when your repairman said that he could repair my opener, and at a much lower cost than having a new opener installed! How nice to find such great service!"

- Henry McMakin

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